Revised:                      November 2017

Ratified:                      October 2018


Article I: Name of the Association and geographic delineation

Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the Virginia Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter, known as AATF-VA.


Section 2. The organization named in Section 1 shall extend to the entire State of Virginia except the Northern area.


Section 3:  The Executive Board shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and four additional board members.


Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the interests and needs of teachers of French and the teaching of French at all levels of instruction, in both public and private schools and colleges and universities of the state of Virginia, to stimulate professional growth, and to foster interest in the French language and all aspects of cultures of the French-speaking world.


Article III: Membership:  Eligibility and Fees

Section 1. All members of the chapter must be members in good standing of the National AATF association and have paid the Chapter dues.


Section 2. Membership in the Chapter shall be open to all persons sharing the aims set forth in Article II.


Section 3. Regular membership runs from January 1 to December 31.


Section 4. The dues are such as the National AATF association and the Chapter impose. The dues for regular members are payable in the fall of the year proceeding the membership year.  Members who have not paid their dues by December 31 are considered inactive.


Section 5.  Chapter membership fees may be increased when needed by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


Article IV: Executive Board

Only members in good standing (dues to the Chapter and National AATF association are current) may serve as officers.


Section 1: Composition – The Chapter shall be administered by an Executive Board composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Director of Le Grand Concours, and four additional board members representing the membership at large.


Section 2: Nominating Committee – The President shall appoint three members of the Executive Board who shall select from its members the chair of the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall accept nominations from the Chapter membership for the respective offices before the annual meeting of the Chapter. All nominees shall have been AATF members for the two consecutive years preceding the election. The nominating committee shall verify the eligibility of the nominees and ascertain their willingness to serve.


Section 3: Election – The slate of candidates for office on the Executive Board shall be presented and voted upon at the annual meeting of the Chapter. A simple majority of affirmative votes shall be required for election. Any member of the Chapter may nominate another candidate in good standing from the floor and such name shall be added to the slate, provided one the following conditions is met: (a) that the candidate nominated from the floor be present at the meeting; b) that the member placing a name in nomination present to the officer presiding at the annual meeting a letter of acceptance signed by the candidate whose name is being placed in nomination. All members of the Board, elected and appointed, have voting privileges.


Section 4: Elections of the Executive Board– The President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the four additional members of the board shall be elected for a term of three years, which may be renewable once.  The term will begin upon announcement of the election results and end following the next election. 



Article V: Duties

Section 1: President – The President shall call and preside over all meetings of the Chapter. The President shall:

– Choose with the advice of the Executive Board the date, time, location, and program for the meetings.

– Approve all orders drawn from funds of the Chapter.

– Appoint Chairs of any committees as necessary.
– Be a signatory for financial transactions in the event that the Treasurer is unavailable.

– Appoint a replacement to fill out the term of office in case of resignation or failure of an officer to perform his or her functions.

– Convoke or poll the Executive board as needed.

– See that the officers of the chapter carry out their duties in a timely fashion.

– Assist the Vice President together with the other members of the Executive Board in planning the program of the annual meeting of the Chapter.


Section 2: Vice President – The Vice President of the Chapter shall:

– Act as an advisor to the President.

– Assume with the consent of the Executive Board the office of the President and discharge its duties for the unexpired term of office of the President, in the event that the latter should be unable to complete that term.

– Plan the annual meeting of the Chapter.

– Notify the membership of all general meetings.


Section 3: Secretary – The Secretary shall:

– Record and keep the minutes of all Chapter meetings and Executive Board meetings and share them with the Executive Board for review.

– Post approved minutes and Treasurer’s Report for members.

– Maintain liaison with National AATF Headquarters and the Executive Board by reporting the results of Chapter elections.


Section 4: Treasurer – The Treasurer shall:

– Maintain an accurate record of the financial situation of the Chapter.

– Deposit dues checks (sent 4-5 times yearly from National AATF).

– Write checks for expenses.

– Keep and reconcile chapter’s bank account statements.

– Be the signatory for all financial transactions.

– Prepare and present a Treasurer’s Report at the annual meeting of the Chapter.

– Advise the President on matters such as promotion of the Grand Concours and membership.


Section 5: Executive Board – The Executive Board shall:

– Determine the general policy of the Chapter and decide upon all matters not within the purview of this Constitution.

– Establish ways of implementing the goals of the Chapter as established in Article II of the Constitution. 

– Organize and be responsible for the Membership Table at the annual meeting of the Chapter.

– Include positions such as the Chairs of Communication, Advocacy, French Film Festival liaison, and Grand Concours promotion.


Section 6: Director of Le Grand Concours – The Director of Le Grand Concours shall:

– Be responsible for all aspects of the development, publicity, and administration of the annual association contest, in conformity with policies and practices as established by the National Contest Director.

– Present a report, including the results of the contest, a summary of promotion efforts, and a financial statement, to the Chapter during the annual meeting.

Article VI: Meeting of the Chapter

Section 1. The Chapter shall have at least one annual meeting.


Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President at the request of the Executive Board or at the request of the members at large previously submitted to the Executive Board for action.


Article VII: Finances and Compensation

Section 1. The Director of Le Grand Concours and Committee Chairs appointed by the Board may receive financial compensation for their service at the discretion of the President with approval of the Executive Board.


Section 2. The President shall serve as co-signer with the Treasurer on any bank accounts maintained by the Chapter.


Section 3. Investment of available current funds in the checking account may be made by the Treasurer with approval of the President and the Executive Board.


Article VIII: Amendments

Section 1. The present Constitution may be amended at any annual meeting, provided that copies of such amendments are distributed to members before the Chapter’s meeting.


Section 2. A proposed amendment shall pass if it receives an affirmative vote from two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.


Article IX: Ratification

Section1. The present Constitution shall become effective upon ratification by two-thirds of the members present at the annual meeting.


Section2. Ratification of this Constitution implies acceptance and recognition that all articles of this Constitution of the National Association shall apply to the Chapter.


Article X: Dissolution

Section 1. The Chapter may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority of all members present at an annual meeting or at a special meeting called by the President when no annual meeting has been scheduled within a period of six months.


Section2. The Chapter may be dissolved through the suspension of its charter by the National AATF under the authority of national By-Law IV, 2 (c).


Section 3. If the President takes no action to call a regular meeting, any member of the Chapter, with written notification to all other members, may call a special meeting to consider a motion of dissolution.


Section 4. In the event that the Chapter is dissolved, all assets held by the Treasurer of the Chapter shall be transferred to the National AATF treasury and shall be subject to the regulations of the National AATF association.