Rappel : AATF-Virginie Postes à pourvoir

In anticipation of upcoming elections which will take place at the AATF-VA luncheon during FLAVA on October 5, the Nominating Committee is accepting e- nominations for:

· Secretary (3 years) 2018-2021

· Treasurer (3 years) 2018-2021

· Vice President (3 years) 2018-2021

· President (3 years) 2018-2021

· 2 additional Board Members 3 years 2018-2021

It is kindly requested that nominations be sent to Karine Boulle (kboulle@stab.org), Chair of the Nominating Committee, no later than September 30, 2018 when the candidate profiles will be posted. Voting will occur from September 15-October 5, 2018 and will be finalized during our luncheon during FLAVA.

We are ready to pass the baton. You are language teachers, so by default, you have a good personality and everything else that is necessary for the position (read description below). So don’t be shy! Nominate your friends or/and nominate yourself!

Merci d’avance,

President – The President shall call and preside over all meetings of the Chapter. The President shall:

– Choose with the advice of the Executive Board the date, time, location, and program for the meetings.

– Approve all orders drawn from funds of the Chapter.

– Appoint Chairs of any committees as necessary.
– Be a signatory for financial transactions in the event that the Treasurer is unavailable.

– Appoint a replacement to fill out the term of office in case of resignation or failure of an officer to perform his or her functions.

– Convoke or poll the Executive board as needed.

– See that the officers of the chapter carry out their duties in a timely fashion.

– Assist the Vice President together with the other members of the Executive Board in planning the program of the annual meeting of the Chapter.

Vice President – The Vice President of the Chapter shall:

– Act as an advisor to the President.

– Assume with the consent of the Executive Board the office of the President and discharge its duties for the unexpired term of office of the President, in the event that the latter should be unable to complete that term.

– Plan the annual meeting of the Chapter.

– Notify the membership of all general meetings.

Secretary – The Secretary shall:

– Record and keep the minutes of all Chapter meetings and Executive Board meetings and share them with the Executive Board for review.

– Post approved minutes and Treasurer’s Report for members.

– Maintain liaison with National AATF Headquarters and the Executive Board by reporting the results of Chapter elections.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall:

– Maintain an accurate record of the financial situation of the Chapter.

– Deposit dues checks (sent 4-5 times yearly from National AATF).

– Write checks for expenses.

– Keep and reconcile chapter’s bank account statements.

– Be the signatory for all financial transactions.

– Prepare and present a Treasurer’s Report at the annual meeting of the Chapter.

– Advise the President on matters such as promotion of the Grand Concours and membership.

Executive Board – The Executive Board shall:

– Determine the general policy of the Chapter and decide upon all matters not within the purview of this Constitution.

– Establish ways of implementing the goals of the Chapter as established in Article II of the Constitution.

– Organize and be responsible for the Membership Table at the annual meeting of the Chapter.

– Include positions such as the Chairs of Communication, Advocacy, French Film Festival liaison, and Grand Concours promotion.

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