Grand Concours/Résultats

Grand Concours/Résultats

Bonjour à tous et à toutes,

By now, you should have received an email with a personalized link to your score report with all of your students’ scores.  You should be able to see more detailed information about the scores by logging in to the testing site:

Next week, I will prepare and send out certificates and a small gift for our Virginia winners (!).  We had close to 1100 students who participated this year. We will recognize students earned ranks of 1-10 within our chapter, which includes more students than just the national winners — 172 students in all!  Bravo!

You can find a list of the Virginia top 10 winners sorted by school and teacher in this spreadsheet.  The students ranked 1-10 in Virginia are listed by level in this document.  If anyone is in a pinch to print certificates on a deadline before I can get them to you, you can find that PDF file here.  I apologize for any misspellings or other errors; all I had to go by was the list from AATF which uses the names that were entered for the test.

Nationally ranked winners will receive additional prizes from the national office; the materials were sent to the shipper as of last Friday and should arrive soon.  Students in the top 75th percentile and up will receive a bronze/silver/gold/platinum medal. Any student who scored in the 50th percentile or higher will also receive an Honorable Mention certificate from the national office.

We would also like to congratulate our teachers, too:

  • Carie Hatfield won the participation raffle and will receive $150 from AATF-VA for classroom materials or other resources!  Here’s the video of our school champion, Caitlin Glauser, drawing the name.
  • Bravo to Rachel Cartwright who had the largest group of student participants:  87 élèves! Mme Cartwright, we will send you an extra félicitation in the mail!
  • The following teachers whose students received top 10 rankings.  We will send out a letter for your principal in your prize packet; please pass the letter on so that your school will better appreciate what it takes to help students succeed in this test!
Abdeljelil Bemmerzouk Denise Southwick Karen Waddill Matilda Cochet-Hill
Amy Pritchard Edward Dickerson Katherin Carter Matthew Lilly
Anna Bodnar Elaine McDermott Kayla Soltis-Katella Monica Johnston
Anne Royer Erin Reed Laura Bice Rachel Cartwright
Barry Keith Geraldine Simonnet Laurel Maughan Robin Rooks
Carrie Collins Jay Crowell LaVerne Flowers Sally Young
Catharine Wilkinson Jen Burstein Lynne Bouden Samuel Bissbis
Chris Brandon Joelle Peeters Marie-Caroline Pirnik Teresa Franson
Cindy Farrish Julianne Cochran Maryline Meyer-Pollock Warren Warsaw

Bonne continuation et bon courage jusqu’à la fin de l’année – on y arrivera!

Laurel Maughan

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