Election on the Executive Board

Election on the Executive Board
– 1 member on the Executive Board
The nominating Committee includes executive council members:  
Karine Boulle (Chair) and Isabelle Reeves
In anticipation of the upcoming election which will take place at the AATF–VA luncheon during FLAVA, the Nominating Committee is accepting e–mail nominations for the position listed above.
It is kindly requested that nominations be sent to Karine Boulle (Kaboulle@stab.org), Chair of the Nominating Committee, before September 25.
As stated in our Constitution:
• The slate of candidates for office on the Executive Board shall be presented and voted upon at the annual meeting of the Chapter.
• Each member in good standing has the right to vote at meetings of the Chapter and to participate in the program on an equal basis with other members.
• Any member of the Chapter may nominate another candidate from the floor and such name shall be added to the slate, provided one of the following conditions is met: a) that the candidate nominated from the floor be present at the meeting; b) that the member placing a name in nomination present to the officer presiding at the annual meeting a letter of acceptance signed by the candidate whose name is being placed in nomination.  
Duties of the Executive Board
• The Executive Board shall determine the general policy of the Chapter and decide upon all matters not within the purview of this Constitution. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board to establish ways of implementing the aims and means of developing the welfare of the Chapter. In instances when a special meeting of the Chapter is not deemed feasible or necessary, the President may call a meeting of the Executive Board to deal with pressing matters affecting the Chapter.
The Executive Board shall help with the organization of the Grand Concours. The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board to promote the Grand Concours and to help teachers order and administer the Concours.  

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